One Ear Brand LOL Bean

One Ear Brand LOL Bean "Mingei" 70 x 70cm Bandanna

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Name: LOL Bean

Color: Mingei

Size: 70 x 70cm


LOL Bean is a playful homage to one of our favorite vintage items. LL Bean first produced a duck blanket back in the 1930s. The simple soft colors of the blanket with tranquil scene of ducks flying over grassy marsh is a great design. We have redrawn some of the elements from the blanket and reinterpreted them into LOL Bean. Ducks are circling some Irish Setter dogs, in a sort of playful mockery. All the while dropping feathers on them.

The color scheme is a combination of the original blanket colors, and also some Japanese inspiration as well. Yanagi Soetsu started the "mingei" craft movement in Japan. He encouraged many small towns that were craft producers to create museums dedicated to preserving local traditional crafts. He often wore clothing that was a mix of Japanese and Western fashion. The colors of his clothing and the color of local crafts in Japan have this very rich color palette (especially pottery). We tried to incorporate these colors into the bandanna design. The smooth clay-like grey with the rusty orange/brown. You may notice the strong use of gradation to produce a more blanket-like feel of the line design. A bandanna that is a simple design that feels like its in motion, in a color scheme that looks great any time of the year. Classic on classics.