From Sunrise to Sunset

Silverlake Market was founded on Effie Street & Manzanita in Silverlake near the Sunset Junction. The idea was to unite our global group of peers and create a platform where we could share ideas and create. Music is what keeps us going! We work from Sunrise to Sunset and after work we enjoy a drink somewhere on Sunset Blvd. 

Silverlake Market Hand Painted Sign by Nat Iosbaker 4334 Sunset Boulevard Silverlake

We just left our mark on Sunset Boulevard, a touch of art by our friend Nat Iosbaker. If you are walking by and see it please take a second to admire the beautiful colors and the attention to detail on this. Hand done using enamel paints in a traditional technique. Take a photo and tag us on Instagram @SilverlakeMarket

4334 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029