Spring/Summer 2019 Collection Lookbook

As we end the season, we look back at the pieces of the puzzle, the reasons for each of the pieces and how it all came together to form the spring /summer collection. We think about our customers, friends, family, peers and the connections or bonds we have made. Whether it be in a coffee shop in the neighborhood having a conversation, in an antique market in Japan buying fabrics or at the Rose Bowl catching a vibe to song. These are the things that help it all come together.

The following photos are from our first look book. These photos included items from our spring/summer collection and some unique vintage goods from our Rose Bowl offerings. All were shot in Los Angeles on film using a medium format camera.

Photographer: Julian Burgueno

Model: Sean Lyles

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Vintage Film Photography

When developing our collection we decided we must included a set of coveralls. What better style than 1950's union made coveralls. Featuring unique details such as a heavy weight herringbone fabric, embossed branded copper buttons, and that one size fits all bagginess that just looks mean. Real work-wear type stuff but with a classy touch of Fleetwood Mac. The front has our classic logo and the back has our "1977" design inspired by the art on the 1977 album "Rumors" by Fleetwood Mac. "I'd rather be listening to the 1977 Billboard chart topping hit Dreams by Fleetwood mac off the Grammy awarded album Rumors"  All of our coveralls were sourced from vintage dealers in California, made in USA and printed in LA.  

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Vintage Lee Indigo jacket Film Photography

Our first collection would not be complete if we did not include an indigo piece. We chose this indigo dyed fleece crewneck sweater, that just gets better with time and wear. This sweater features old sportswear detailing such as a raglan cut, a gusseted neck and flat lock seams. On the front our "Warranted" design inspired by old Americana style branding printed in LA, Made in Japan. In these photos complemented by our Fast Color Bandanna, Made in USA, printed and stitched in LA. The Jacket is a Lee Rider Jacket, the worlds first slim jacket, a legendary cowboy classic. The pants are 80s Levis Orange tabs with natural fades and rips. The Shoes are Visvim x Sophnet Fabro VD from 2013. 

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Issey Miyake Skyline 80s Vintage Film Photography

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Issey Miyake Skyline 80s Vintage Film Photography

To bring something special to our Rose Bowl customers, We sourced vintage distressed blanks, all made in USA for a limited run featuring our classic logo in a bright infrared print. Limited to 25 pieces these were only available at our August 2019 Rose Bowl Sale. You can see the tee paired here with an Issey Skyline Jacket. Designed by Issey Miyake, this was only available in Japan to Members of the Prince Dealers Club during the launch of an early 80s Nissan Skyline.

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Comme des Garcons vintage Nike Spiridon Film Photography

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Comme des Garcons Cardigan Hell on Wheels Hat SLM SLMLA Film photography

Military goods are a big part of the Rose Bowl Flea Market and have been for decades. Some dealers dedicate their entire careers to finding, collecting and selling only Military goods. This hat was created for all that have served and anyone that is a fan of military goods. The colors on this patch really compliment this AD2000 Comme Des Garcons knit cardigan we found in Japan. The Tee is the "1977" teal on white, exclusively released in Japan. The Jeans are vintage Levis Orange Tabs and the shoes 2006 Silver Metallic Nike Zoom Spiridons.

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market The North Face Vintage Park Film Photography

Sean Lyles Silverlake Market Look Book 2019 The North Face Vintage Film Photography