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Pentimento Tiger Bandanna Deadstock Shirt

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Made Using Headstock Tiger Bandanna Rolls, incredibly rare to find.

Pentimento is a small clothing maker out of Atlanta Georgia. He uses a full arsenal of incredible fabrics from rayon, silk, terry (from actual towels), to drapery fabric. All of which become very functional and one-off (for the most part) items. From coveralls, to parkas, hoodies, and camp shirts. He has pretty much covered the entire spectrum. In his own words he wrote the following for this piece:

Pentimento is a term from the world of painting and it refers to a painting that has been changed throughout the course of the painters process, either as a refinement or because an idea has been abandoned. The Mona Lisa or the Last Supper are probably the most famous examples. 

I feel that i’m interpreting this concept quite literally in that I am starting with a finished object and altering it. 

Using vintage textiles including but not limited to finished garments and home goods like bedding and curtains, I hope to convey a home made feel. As if one of your own family members made a garment specifically for you.