Ooe Yofukuten x One Ear Brand

Ooe Yofukuten x One Ear Brand "Ecossaise" 70 x 70cm Bandanna

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Name: Ecossaise

Color: Turkey Red

Size: 70 x 70cm


“Ecossaise” is a French word that is used in music to describe a folk dance that was popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It also is the best description of the design of this new bandanna for 2024.

Ooe Yofukuten created this design to fit the One Ear Brand bandanna sizes. We called this bandanna design “Poem”. However the color change has dramatically changed the feeling of this bandanna. Its lush Turkey Red color combined with the roses is quite endearing. It feels more of a dance insofar as its design balance. It also works well with the time period as people would have used bandannas as shawls throughout this era. 

This red bandanna is a replica based on an original factory sample that I found while researching bandannas. Ooe-san has authentically reproduced it exclusively for One Ear Brand. 

Please note the new sticker for these collaboration bandannas. The Utsuro Bune is a UFO urban legend from the 1800s in Japan. It resembles the standard One Ear Brand sticker in concept but Ooe Yofukuten and myself came up with this design based on a S.H. Greene and Son’s bandanna sticker from my collection. There is some curious originality and conceptual continuity between One Ear Brand and Ooe Yofukuten for 2024. We really hope you enjoy this new design, size and color.