One Ear Brand "Sagaribana" Summernight 90 x 90cm Bandanna

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 90x90cm 100% cotton Selvedge Banadanna Made in japan

Sagaribana (Barringtonia racemosa) is a native flowering tree from Okinawa Japan. However similar species can be found all over the South Pacific. 

This plant is exceptionally interesting as it has a night-blooming flower. The flowers open and at night and are pollinated by bats and moths. By dawn the blossoms begin to fall.

The branches of the tree grow around the middle edge of this bandanna design and the flowers hang from the branches. In the center we used a bingata kimono design motif and bats flying. This design was inspired by a vintage kimono design we found while researching for this design. 

Drawn and designed by Yurika Shikai and Jonathan Lukacek